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Pillow forts, lava covered floors, and monsters under the bed come to life in this family friendly strategy card game.

Ninja Monkeys
This game is for the kid in all of us. Imagine dogs that really do eat homework, are we there yet cards that move time forward, and little ninja monkeys that swipe your cards are just a taste of what awaits you in this fast paced game of reversals.

Each turn you may draw a card, use the abilities of any cards in your yard, and play a card from your hand or pass. Green cards are placed in your yard and work in your favor. Red cards are placed in your opponent's yard and work against them. There are also a large variety of blue action cards including the Ninja Monkey that allows you to swipe cards from any yard, Peek-A-Boo that allows you to look at and take cards from an opponents hand or Brain Freeze that allows you to counter action cards, even another Brain Freeze just to name a few.

Each card has unique characteristics that take effect immediately. Pillow Fort stops opponents from encroaching in your yard. Monster under the Bed has to be fed a card from your hand each turn. King of the Hill keeps pesky red Leap Frog cards from being placed on top of your cards. These are just a few of the over 80 cards in Ninja Monkeys, each with its own unique twists it brings to the game. Building up defenses and abilities is invaluable as you race to be the first one to accumulate enough points in your yard to win!

Complete rules: ninjamonkeysrules.pdf

Color Vision Challenges
Ninja Monkeys uses special symbols to make it easier for people with color vision challenges to enjoy our game.

Hear what people are saying about Ninja Monkeys!

August 17, 2017 by Fifi in Board Game Reviews

Ninja Monkeys is a big hit with the kiddos. The art is cartoon-like and well done, and appealed to all the children who played. If you are looking for a quick card game to play with the kids, Ninja Monkeys is a good choice.
Check out the full review here.

September 26, 2017 by Derek 'Dez' Maggs

...if you are looking for a fun, quick and a little nostalgic game to play as a family, or with the coolest uncle in the world, I think this is a great one to have in your collection. It is quite easy to learn, the kids can read their own cards with little to do help and it help promote family time that the whole family will actually enjoy. If you have kids or babysit a bit, I would recommend you build a pillow fort and grab a copy of Ninja Monkeys. Check out the full review here.

September 26, 2017 by Michael Wright

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